Portable Air Conditioner For Rent – Advantages and Disadvantages

People can find many reasons why to rent air conditioners rather then to buy one. lg 1 ton dual inverter ac It could be that the rental is very practical, or just that renting is much cheaper than buying, but whatever your reason is you may find that renting an air conditioner might solve your immediate problem of unbearable summer heat.

Commercial portable cooling systems for offices

One way to benefit from an air conditioner for rent is to install it in summer month in your office building; this can increase the productivity of your employees dramatically without major expenses of installing an expensive central air conditioning system. If you decide to put in a portable unit in the rooms where most people spend their time, it will improve their performance. And people will work much better in a nice atmosphere, when the air is not stuffy and horrible.

Another reason to rent a portable unit is because very often the renting contract doesn’t not allow you to install any cooling or heating systems to the property. Then you can get a mobile air conditioner and provide your stuff with a nice cool working atmosphere without violating your rental agreement.

Buying a mobile air conditioner vs. renting one

Also, if you bought an air conditioning system you are stuck with it, but what if the summer is not all that hot? You might not need to cool your office down at all and expensive unit will be just wasting space. But portable air conditioners that you rent only when really needed can save you a lot.

And don’t forget the cost of installation, when buying a proper cooling unit whether it is a central or split system not only you pay for the unit itself, but also for the work involved in it’s installing. Renting a mobile unit not only you save on its initial costs, but also you don’t need to hire anybody to install it in your office. Mobile air conditioners don’t require any installation at all you need is to put the exhaust through the balcony door or window.

Also you might be surprised to find out that in some cases portable air con units provide better cooling results and are more energy efficient then the central systems. Of course a central unit would give you very even temperature across the room and nice air flow, but the portable one would provide cool breath where it is needed the most, where people work.

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